China 5 Ton SY Wheel Loader Syl956h Medium Sized Front End Wheel Loader Price with CE for Sale

China 5 Ton SY Wheel Loader Syl956h Medium Sized Front End Wheel Loader Price with CE for Sale

SYL956H 5 ton cheap wheel loader china front end loader Owning High Efficiency
Faster forward and backward speed; faster boom lifting time; greater breakout force, lift force and traction; a larger steering angle, a smaller turning radius; unloading height and larger unloading distance; with bucket and boom lifting limit smart leveling function; configure international advanced automatic transmission DANA

Higher operating efficiency, longer life of vital components, energy-saving effect of a given variable high-pressure hydraulic systems, more optimal power matching

Comfort and convenience of operation and two-position FNR KD gear function;; more cab room for maneuver; a broader perspective; easy to clean up the air conditioner perspective nowhere along the multi-directional cab; lower super Agile Parker fingertip operating system cab noise and vibration; intelligent LCD meter; ultra-comfortable ISRI Ian Ling multi-dimensional adjustable suspension seat

Configuring high reliability crucial parts; durable structure, higher reliability; the use of higher reliability, full hydraulic brake system of high quality electrical components, improving the reliability.

1. Specification:

SYL956H 5 ton cheap wheel loader china front end loader manufacturers
ConfigurationEngine manufacturerQSL8.9-C220-III
Rated power164kW/2200rpm
Overall weight17100+200Kg
Bucket capacity2.7-4.5m3
PerformanceMax.lifting height5410+50mm
Transportation height460mm
Ground clearance432+10mm
Digging reach30mm
Dumping height3118+50mm
Travel speed3.2/5.4 km/h
Working DeviceTurning angel+40° 
Turning radius6450+50mm
Wheel base2200mm
Service Refill CapacitiesFuel tank300L
Hyd tank220L
Engine coolant45L

Features advantage:

Good flexibility and maneuverability, low fuel consumption, high construction efficiency, large digging force, comfortable driving environment and wide range of application.

3. Characteristic: 
(1) Power drive flexible suspension damping;
(2) Dual-pump combined technology, flow expanding steering, guide control;
(3) The frame of the high strength adapts to the heavy load condition;
(4) Working mechanism lightens the unloading impact greatly;
(5) Hydraulic wet brake ensures the safe and reliable operation and travelling;
(6) The adjustable instrument panel contributes to the best operation position;
(7) Intelligent electronic monitoring system could monitor the operation condition of the machine accurately.

(8) Convenient maintenance
With integrated oil filling, the service person could access to the maintenance point from the ground, featuring higher efficiency.
The side plates of the shield and rear shield are opened easily, and it is convenient to check the engine and parts, and daily maintenance.

4. Working on various Earth construction projects


1.  Quality assurance
2. Multi-currency payment ( RMB / USD / EUR) & Multi Payment team: T/T, L/C at sight....
3. Cheap shipment costs, Rich container package & Fast shipment:
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4. Long-term spare parts support:
Since 2015, in order to effectively solve our customers spare parts demand, we built a spare parts department, which get high speaking feedback from our clients.

5. Long-term technical service support:
We have a professional technical team which provide technical support for our domestic or oversea clients. If clients have some technical problems which can't deal with it by self, we can provide video support or door to door support.
6. Door and door service:
Till now, we can support door and door assembling service if they can't assemble it when container arrived in some countries,such as Philippines, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Kenya, Cambodia, Indonesia.... If the quantity is large, even can provide engineer indoor support.

7. Rich brands:
As we worked on construction machines more than 15 years, which already build nice strategic relationship with world brand company for competitive price and quality support.

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