Company profile

Fujian Raygoo Machinery Co., Ltd. was found in 2002, mainly work on various brands of New & Used heavy construction machines, special vehicles and its components, such as excavators, wheel loader, motor grader, road roller, tipper truck, forklift, cranes.... Till now we had more than 236 strategic clients from all over the world, which from more than 42 countries, which include Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Saudi Arabic, Bangladesh, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Nigeria, Ghana, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Bolivia, Brazil......


Working areas:

Mining Machinery

Oil field

Stone pit

Tunnel /Road engineering

Urban construction

Port /River construction



Housing construction

Various shipment ways

1. Container loading (20GP / 40HQ)

2. Bulk shipment

3. Flat Rack container

4. RoRo shipment

5. Trailer transportation

6. Spare parts mixed with machines


Spare parts services



Brake pads

Air pump

Diesel engine oil

Bucket teeth .........